Born in Turin (Italy) where she lives until getting her high school diploma in foreign languages. She spends the following years between Milan, where she studies media communication, and Turin. There she sets up an emerging art magazine where she particulary follows the artistic management.

The direct contact with genuine and emotional works of art causes in Alessia an irresistible passion for photography.

She moves to Barcelona (Spain), where she attends the famous photography school GrisArt and where she specializes and becomes a fashion photographer, thanks even to the job assistant for the american fashion photographer Juan Carlos Garay.

Following her instinctive passion for emerging art, she collaborates with the future artists of the fashion backstages with her own means, with unusual proposals, but above all with an endless pursuit of the perfect detail and meaning of each item and place she photographs.

During her professional career she isn’t only interested in fashion, but also in travel and social analysis reports, because photography is not only mere profession, but also and above all a powerful medium of praise and artistic as new as social complaint.

Now you can meet Alessia between Turin, which is the town where she lives and specializes, and Milan as well as Barcelona.